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Sourcing opportunities

We provide our investors with access to a range of commercial, residential and mixed-use development schemes. We present our investors with a variety of schemes, ranging from basic residential schemes with gross development values of £3m through to more sophisticated commercial development schemes worth £40m+. Since 2012 we have raised £75m from our investors, which has been invested in projects now valued at £155m.

Delivering structured growth

We offer bespoke services designed to maximise investor return on investment. Such services include the efficient structuring of investment strategies, managing the delivery of professional advice where appropriate and leveraging our extensive relationship network.

Alex Bilionis

Alex is a corporate commercial lawyer and former equity partner of a national private practice law firm in the UK, and has over 10 years’ experience of advising various businesses on a range of corporate transactional, investment and commercial matters in the UK, US and Europe.

+44 (0)7377 396 632

Richard Morgan

Richard has over 15 years’ experience working in the commercial property sector having completed his accounting qualification at Lehman Brothers and then spending 5 years at a fund management business (part of Anglo Irish Bank) where he was jointly responsible for managing assets with an aggregate value of approximately £1bn, operated and held in joint-ventures within the UK and Germany.

+44 (0) 7738 954 365

Duncan Hoare

Duncan’s 15 years of real estate experience includes time at Nelson Bakewell, Capita Property & Infrastructure and AXA Real Estate.

In 2015 Duncan was appointed Head of Real Estate for a Swedish listed real estate firm where he managed 250,000 sq.m of logistics assets, with a focus on dialogue with tenants, improving the efficiency of the properties and implementing new lettings to extract maximum value for the owner.

+46 (0) 76 896 23 45

Lee Bayne

Lee has an engineering background/education and has been involved in project management since 2005, when he was working with London Underground, during which he managed the delivery of contracts worth approximately £10m/year.

Lee then moved into the property sector by becoming the operations manager of a construction business and is now responsible for managing projects with an aggregate value of approximately £40m.

+44 (0)7713 065 900

Philip Lofgren

Philip has over 5 years’ experience within real estate finance. Having been CFO of a Swedish listed real estate company, Philip has an intimate understanding of the Swedish property market from a transactional and financing level. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics from Stockholm University.

+46 (0) 70 591 15 45