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Bespoke Services

Clarendon House Capital examines many investment opportunities and cautiously edits them down to a few that provide clients with income or capital growth generation, as well as wealth preservation opportunities in-line with their individual investment goals and risk profiles.

Clients’ typical property investment portfolios would include London residential and commercial property, together with alternative acquisitions such as medical centres, petrol stations and land.

This bespoke approach enables the team to operate the following services:

  • Identifying and selecting the best property acquisition opportunities
  • Managing existing property and rental arrangements
  • Refurbishing property profitably
  • Income creation
  • Extracting value and maximising profitability 
  • Generational planning for families and estates

Financial Reporting 

Clients are provided with:

  • Regular management reports including updates on asset management, development, property management and finance plus research on the occupational and investment markets
  • Book-keeping and preparation of accounts
  • Bank reporting and cash management
  • Compliance with obligations under financing documents