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Charity and Foundation

The Clarendon House Capital Foundation was established in 2014. Donations to the Foundation provide an opportunity for our owners, our corporate staff, and our associates to give back to our communities as well as international communities where we can help make a difference all around the world.

The word ‘Family’ is a key component to values shared by the co-founders and its clients at Clarendon House Capital, and we are proud to support a ‘Family of Charities’ under our umbrella. Since our formation in 2012, Clarendon House Capital has continually contributed to our charity partners.

“We are very proud of our involvement with our partner charities. The charities are chosen based on their efficient use of funds, diversity of activities, and their contribution to all segments of their communities. We have tremendous respect for the individuals who dedicate their skills, time and passion to these charities. They represent the values and character we should all strive to emulate in our own businesses, lives and families."

"It emphasises our dedication not only to one another during difficult times, but also our willingness to assist those who have been less fortunate, not only in our own community but also others around the world”.

Imagine Your Gift Making a Difference

We invite you to join us in supporting our chosen charities and to help make an important difference in the communities where we work and play. Help make a difference. Our Family of Charities, help make a difference.

Sayu Sinha, Richard Morgan & Pravin Shah


Clarendon House Capital 


Lion's Club of Enfield

Clarendon House Capital are delighted to support The Lions Club of Enfield, who have raised £108,000 to build a blood bank in Ahmedabad, India. We have also supported them in helping raise in excess  of £230,000 in its mission to eradicate blindness in State of Gujarat , India. A number of Senior Club Members have taken a challenge to undertake this massive task by already raising over £1 Million pounds and got WHO funding alongside Lions International grants.  

The Club over the years has built schools, hospital , bought hospital diagnostic equipment, ambulances and supported hospices . Old people and mentally handicapped are supported annually. The Club has donated hugh sums at times of disasters like tsunami and earthquakes. This Club is probably the premier Club in Europe having been awarded 100% Melvin Jones and a Model Club.

School Aid India, also known as SAI, is a small charity based in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, UK.

SAI have built a school in the town of Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas and the local language is Nepali. The school is on a steep hillside in the locality where the immigrant Sherpa community once settled. It admits 20 pre-school children annually, normally for 7 years. Discrete screening of families limits admissions to children in need. The school is very popular and always over subscribed.

The first school opened in March 2007 with 28 pupils in a wooden hut. In 2010 there were 96 on roll, and the addition of a modern extension has increased total capacity to 140 children in seven classrooms. SAI pays all the bills and provides free books and uniforms so that no child is excluded from the school by poverty.